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response — Attach image to new HTTP response


public Intervention\Image\Image response([string $format, [integer $quality]])


format (optional)

Define the encoding format from one of the following formats:

By default the response data will be encoded in the type of the current image. If no image type is defined yet, method will return jpeg encoded data.

quality (optional)

Define optionally the quality encoded image data ranging from 0 (poor quality, small file) to 100 (best quality, big file). Default: 90.

Return Values

Encoded image data after raw HTTP header is sent. If you are in a Laravel framework environment the method will return a Illuminate\Http\Response with the corresponding header fields already set.


// create a new empty image resource
$img = Image::canvas(800, 600, '#ff0000');

// send HTTP header and output image data
echo $img->response();

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